Monday, December 28, 2009

Stay in bed 'til we feel alright!

Nobody wants to write their own eulogy.

It's been fun and frantic, but it can't last forever,

I'm worn out though, and a little tired of things that look black, but taste red.

But isn't that what infinity is all about?
Being really worn out?

Thanks for reading, and for listening, and for checking, and for existing, and for ignoring, sometimes!

You can find me here if you don't mind trailing through some bullshit, some mud, and some words. Beneath it, there is music! Unless you're deaf, and you're just hear for the words.

In the great words of Lucas,
I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do!

This'll be up for another day or two, so download the song, it's everything we've all been feeling forever!

Remember, listening to this shit will make you sterile.


Nehmetallah, Norman


  1. One day, Norman, I will synthesize a compound that looks like coffee, but really does taste like juice.

    Until then, may the place where we expressed our teenage angst, deliver news, and spread love rest in peace.

  2. So, the blog is over? Its really finished?

    One question, since I am not that poetic. Why?

    Well, it was one wild ride.

  3. One answer: I'm not poetic enough to explain why either ;)

  4. RIP looks like coffee tastes like juice

  5. Look Norman! All of the non-Assumption people are back, one more time.

  6. For the record, am I considered Assumption or non-Assumption?

  7. This died just like a man

  8. R.I.P. Looks Like Coffee, Tastes Like Juice!

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