Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 1973 film adaption of The Glass Menagerie is not good, and I wish critics would agree with me on this one!

The Schedule, as far as I can predict,

1) A string of highly-anticipated end of the year lists, over-wrought with predictability, justification and juxtaposition.

b) Christmas music, the bane of my existence. (This is completely fabricated, I love Christmas music with every ounce of love I can muster!)

c) I shall be in Mexico for 7 days!

4) 2010


  1. 1) The song is great!

    2) The movie was, indeed, terrible. Amanda sounded like an auctioneer, and Tom was flirting with his mother. Yuck.

  2. Mexico? Hope you don't shwan floo.

  3. Kaitlyn, Harbringer of DoomDecember 18, 2009 at 6:25 PM

    Actually, Adit, no Mexico.

    Only trips a la hospital.

  4. Seriously? Damn.

    Well guys, our two week escape from the jail...I mean school, begins now.

    Happy Holidays.

    PS. Hows it going?

  5. Daniella, I agree 100% with your second point. Not only was he flirting with his mother, but he was also flirting with his sister. Which is just plain WRONG! ew. And Amanda's fake southern accent.. just plain HORRIBLE.

    And, no, Adit, school is not like jail, its more like hell on earth.
    Thank God the winter break has started now. I was seriously considering hurting a select few teachers.. one in particular.. *cough*..Chevalier..*cough**cough* and I'm quite sure that I am not the only one who wishes to do so..especially after that damn math task... >.<
    But, watching him FAIL at guitar hero was pretty damn funny...

  6. Siobhan = List MasterDecember 20, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    1. Adit is back?!

    2. As for school. Ditto to what anonymous said (all of it). The only problem with winter break is the fact that there is also homework on winter break. Work really puts a damper on Christmas.

    3. I agree. That movie was horrible. However, I was too busy being a) distracted by the more entertaining and lovely view outside the window beside me and b) too tired to give a flip to notice any incestuous flirting between the cast members. The only reason anyone in that heap got any Emmys was because there was not much variety in TV movies to choose from (it was the 70s we're lucky it was in colour).

    4. Christmas music is wonderful.

    5. There is no five, I just like making lists. Thast's why this one is longish.

  7. Yeah, its terrible. I can't believe the teachers ALL decided to give us our isu's before the break and make them due pretty much RIGHT after.. that wasn't the brightest idea on their part. And now, Christmas time is full of much stress. But, as Siobhan said, the christmas music IS wonderful. Which helps distract from the constant reminders of the all-nighters that will follow the holidays. Can't wait.. more coffee and no sleep. oh joy. But, until then, let all rejoice in the two weeks of food, presents and SLEEP! (oh, and .. jesus?)'Tis the Christmas Season.

  8. Thankfully, I only have one ISU this semester.

    And hi Siobhan.

  9. Frankly, I hate Christmas music (except Carol of the Bells and The Grinch), so the music is in no way helping to deal with stress. ISUs suck the big one, and even seeing teachers play Guitar Hero is NOT WORTH IT!

    Grrr. I'm off to do English...

  10. True Daniella, true. But, I did find the comic relief of it all to be a distraction from the constant stress. Even if only for a few minutes.

    Wait... ENGLISH?!

    DAMMIT. I knew I was forgetting SOMETHING...
    Shit, I guess i should start that..

  11. Siobhan, with whales, eggplants, and teacupsDecember 22, 2009 at 5:09 PM

    No do not write that word. (I.S.U) It burns my eyes. I want to remain in my glorious world of procrastination. Any mention of homework is blasphemous. Lets' talk about nice things like torture and massive, poisonous insects; anything but homework!!

  12. Would the word FSE do any better?

  13. Siobhan, it's so nice to know that I have finally found a weakness... I kid, of course. Remember our geography class - we discussed torture one day. That was a good class.

    Adit, FSE is but a euphemism for the torturous hell that is homework. Sorry, it doesn't help.

  14. I have only one word to say about Geo. HOOKERS!!!!!

  15. Siobhan, who prefers monstersDecember 24, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    Ah, I remember that class. . . not as fun as the swinger party analogy in science class (also with Dufour). The beat part in that story was when DELISLE came in and told Dufoour it was bad, REALLY bad.

    Bad. Bad christmas news.

  17. Merry Christmas everybody! (And Happy Belated Festivus, to those who celebrated on December 23rd)

  18. Merry Christmas to All!

    Siobhan, I agree. That was VERY funny. When DELISLE is telling you something is bad, you know its REALLY, REALLY bad.

  19. Siobhan, who is very full of Christmas joyDecember 26, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    Merry Christmas!! I'm sure everyone is ready to never eat again until the new year (but will continue to do so anyway).

    Happy Festivus Daniella! Don't worry I didn't forget.

  20. Kaitlyn, whose family is still present, regardless of the fact that it&#39;s boxing day...December 26, 2009 at 6:59 PM

    Well, all of my ISU's are done, excepting English.
    Recycled projects are the BEST.

  21. ALL of your ISU'S are DONE?!?!?!
    Oh My Goodness...
    How I envy you so..
    I'm going INSANE (not that I'm not insane allready.. I'm just going MORE insane..) trying to finish my french... and then, the rest of the break is going to be spent finishing Science and English ISU's...
    You are SO lucky Kaitlyn...

  22. Kaitlyn, words cannot express my burning envy right now. 30 PICTURES, 30, NOT TO MENTION A FILM! I don't even want to think about English right now, or science for that matter(that reminds me, now I have to talk to Daniella AND Maddie). My insanity meter is going haywire. Whoever said that Christmas break was "breaklike" in any way was a moron. It just induces stress without the bonus of added everyday homework.

  23. I agree with Siobhan 100000%!
    This so called "break" is crazy stressful.
    There is only one word that can describe it. (well, two actually) INSANE and ISU.

  24. Comment box = adolescent angst forum?

  25. Norman, how are you surprised? We never comment on music.

    I am so tired of homework. My ISU schedule is so behind, and it's driving me nuts! And next semester will be even more difficult! Grr.

  26. Picture this if you will.
    Movie starts off.
    Man points a gun to his.
    Then Laughter.
    Thats right, Claudio and I are making a mash up of every movie wit suicide in it.
    We call it
    Suicide Comedy

  27. Schindler's Lisp: A Holocaust Comedy
    And that's why I have won this.

  28. Norman, es probable que ir al infierno por ese comentario.

  29. Adit, you speak Spanish since when?
    Or have you just discovered Google translate? It's cool, isn't it?